Vintage Handkerchief Hankie Hanky Advertisements and Newspaper Articles
Copies of vintage handkerchief ads and newspaper articles for your enjoyment, A list of handkerchief related books on collecting and decorating with

I thought you might like to see some vintage handkerchief advertising. It is rather fun especially to see ones with prices! These are not for sale, just for your enjoyment.

1886 & Other Hankie Perfume Ad

1895 Irish Handkerchief Ad


Handkerchief Flirtations Late 1800’s

James Mc Cutcheon New York

1901 Florida Water Hankie Perfume Ad

Pittsburgh PA Post Gazette November 1904

1905 Pullmans Christmas Hankie Ad

1906 Pullman Handkerchief ad

Church Bazaar for Hankies 1907 I was born in the wrong era

Pittsburgh PA Post Gazette November 1908


Greatest Sale of Hankies EVER in Portland (kind of funny)

Handkerchief Ethics News Article March 17,1909 La Times


Spokane Daily Chronicle hankie ad Feb 1924

1924 & 1926 McCutcheon's Hankie Ads

1931 Capital Girls Use Lipstick Hankies

LOVE this 1937 full color ad!

1943 Bloch Freres Hankie Ad

Marghab made some of the most expensive ladies handkerchiefs
I couldn't find an ad for any of their hankies, this is a baby bib ad

Burmel Store Display from the 1940's

Cute story about Marie Antoinette, totally untrue however

1947 Personalized Hankie Ad I have sold some of these!

1947 Ad for Kimball's Hidden Valentine Hankies

1949 Ad for Swiss Handkerchiefs

1949 Ad for 59₵ Hankies

1950's ad for White Shoulders Perfume Using a Hankie!

1951 Swiss Air Giveaway Contest - Wish I Could Enter Now!

Handkerchief Ad from Palm Beach FL 1952

Child's Book from the 1950's

1956 Handkerchiefs Ad

KLEENEX The Demise of the cloth handkerchief

Little LuLu popular cartoon character was used to advertise the "new" Kleenex paper tissues

Here are some books you might find interesting to read:

Here are some books you might be interested in about handkerchief
collecting and displaying:

Hanky Panky: An Intimate History of the Handkerchief

Collecting Handkerchiefs

Hooked on Hankies

Handkerchiefs: A Collector’s Guide

Printed & Lace Handkerchiefs: Interpreting a Popular 20th Century Collectible

Children's Handkerchiefs: A Two Hundred Year History

The Printed Square Handkerchief Patterns for Fashion and Design

Hankie Couture: Hand-Crafted Fashions from Vintage Handkerchiefs

Hooked on Hankies

Hanky-Panky Crazy Quilts

Linen Heirlooms: Vintage Linens

Hankie Style: Fashions featuring vintage & reproduction hankies

Floral Designs from Traditional Printed Handkerchiefs

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